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The purpose of this web site is to contribute to the development of Buddhism in the context of Western culture through the publication of new writings which will take a fresh look at Buddhist and western ideas, history and aspirations.

It will be informed by an understanding of the Middle Way, holding a course between unquestioning acceptance on the one side and iconoclastic reinterpretation on the other.

Dharmadana means Gift of Dharma and in accordance with this the contents of the site are offered as a free gift. But if anyone wishes to use any of the material, it would be appreciated if its provenance were acknowledged.

P. D. Ryan


New Book: Buddhism and the Western Heritage: A Meeting of Ways

Previous Book: Buddhism and the Natural World: Towards a Meaningful Myth

Buddhism and the Greeks: Sites and Skandhas
Buddhism and the Erotic: Integrating the Serpent
Buddhism and Freedom: A Bounded Path
Borges and Buddhism: The Question of Karma
Colonel Olcott and his Buddhist Catechism: An Appreciation

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